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Connecting people together to protect our planet

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About EarthLinking

Who Are We?

The EarthLinking Team is a student-led organization dedicated to highlight environmental matters through promoting sustainability, natural catastrophes awareness, and overall inspiring community and national participation to preserve the Earth. We strive to guide current and future generations to minimize their carbon footprints through education, advocacy, and service.

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Join Us!

Want to contribute to the team to help protect the environment? Apply to be either an ambassador or a member!

Be an Ambassador!

Be an ambassador and utilize your talents and skills to help out our team! Take part in our podcasts, videos, events, and more! Some roles include being researcher, event planner, social media content creator, blog writer, editor, historian, and more! We will also create new roles if you have other skills to contribute!

Be a Member!

Be a member and participate and volunteer with us in our events!

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Meet the Officer Board

Who We Are

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Co-President, Co-Founder

Katelyn Chu

Hi everyone, my name is Katelyn Chu and I'm Co-President and Co-Founder of EarthLinking. I was inspired to create this organization in order to bring attention to the importance of preserving our environment. I like to connect with others through writing fictional stories and being an editor on a newsletter. I'm so excited for what EarthLinking will be in the future and I hope to make a big impact.

Meet Our Ambassadors


Caleb Pai


Hello! My name is Caleb Pai and I'm an ambassador for EarthLinking. I enjoy researching and planning events for the organization and like to bike to new scenery. I hope to bring about new perspectives about the Earth.


Kalena Dawson


Hi, I'm Kalena Dawson, part of the team in EarthLinking! I like creating interactive and informative posts on Instagram and write blogs in hopes to raise awareness about environmental issues around the world as it is extremely important.

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